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Journal Ethics Policy

The editorial policy of Modern education: philosophy, innovation, experience journal aims to comply with ethic norms, accepted by the international scientific community. An important condition for acceptance of articles for publication is the presence of new, original scientific results that had been previously never printed.
If the materials had been already published before, the author must provide bibliographic references about the previous publications and justify the relevance of publications of the new variant explaining the nature of additions and changes, having been made to the last variant of the article.

Before approval for printing the article goes through a two-stage review.

First – the article should be accompanied by the review of a reputable scientist in a relevant field of science (Doctor, Professor) or by the recommendation for printing of a relevant department.

Second – review of the article by experts from the members of the Editorial Board rendering decisions on acceptance for publication of the thesis.

Any controversial issues (financial, academic, personal)  are carefully considered by the members of the Editorial Board.   In the case of confirmation of suspicions connected with possible plagiarism or results falsification, the article is implicitly rejected.

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