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European integration  begins with the European way of thinking


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The letter of the Deputy Chief Editor – the President of the Central European Academy of Studies and Certification (CEASC) foundation, Bydhoshch, Poland:


Dear colleagues!
For many years CEASC  foundation has been making efforts  to integrate Ukrainian scientists and teachers to European scientific and educational environment.


The highlights of this integration are as follows:  establishing constructive ties between Ukrainian and European partners, establishing effective professional communication, experience exchange. As a rule, during the foundation educational projects members of the Ukrainian academic community  learn from the experience and best practices of their European colleagues.


The European scientific school possesses a great amount of ideas and researches interesting to the Ukrainian academic community. To make your ideas available for the colleagues, CEASC foundation in cooperation with the University of Computer Science and Arts, WSIiU, Lodz, Poland, has launched Modern education: philosophy, innovation, experience periodic scientific publication . It includes scientific articles of the leading scientists on the most relevant topics related to the integration of the Ukrainian and European  research and academic spaces.


We invite our European colleagues to creative collaboration!

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